Modern Design Meets Impressive Value

The Francessa Collection is designed to impress restaurant diners with its style and restaurant operators with its value.

Each piece of dinnerware, glassware, and flatware has been carefully chosen to ensure a seamless blend across the entire collection, enabling you to create a contemporary, sophisticated look all your own.

Porcelain china Cups link


Serve a warm mug of delicious coffee with dessert in Francessa’s porcelain cups.

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Porcelain china Rectangle Plates 2
Porcelain china Rectangle Plates 3
Porcelain china Rectangle Plates link

Rectangle Plates

Use Francessa’s rectangular plates as trays for serving appetizers – you will wow your customers in the first course!

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Porcelain china Bowls link


Francessa bowls are available in modern oval, square, and round shapes, perfect for creative presentations of your delicious dishes.

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Porcelain china Square Plates link

Square Plates

With modern and crisp lines, the square plates from Francessa are an elegant choice for your establishment.

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Shiny and sleek, Francessa flatware is a stylish, affordable choice.

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Crystal Glassware

Crystal Glassware

Turn heads with our lead-free crystal glass.

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Porcelain china Round plates 2
Porcelain china Round Plates link

Round Plates

A standard for every restaurant, Francessa’s round plates will surpass your expectations of dinnerware!

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