Stylish Designs Meet Impressive Values

Classico Dinnerware, Glassware, & Flatware

Each piece of Classico dinnerware, glassware, and flatware has been carefully chosen to ensure a seamless blend across the entire pattern, enabling you to create a contemporary look all your own.

Rustica Dinnerware

The Rustica dinnerware pattern captures the beauty of countryside style with soft hues and irregular shapes that allow you to create beautiful landscapes for your plate service.

Audace Flatware

The Audace flatware pattern carefully balances minimalism with a slight flare. Thick handles and smooth contours give this pattern a distinctive look that will end up serving as the star of the table.

Noire Flatware

Make a bold impression at any table setting with the Noire flatware pattern. The unique black finish, smooth shape, and ergonomic curves distinguishes this pattern from others.


As dining trends come and go with the years, one constant that never changes is the need for classy presentation. Chefs showcase their skill and artistry on plates and dinner platters. Sommeliers choose only the finest glassware with the clarity and shape to create an exceptional wine experience. Add to these the heft and luster of fine stainless steel flatware and a memorable dining experience is born. Francessa features patterns that allow you to create a look all your own while bringing you an incredibly exceptional value. Each product has been carefully and individually curated to provide restaurateurs with a variety of choices to make any course unique and refreshing.

Francessa is named in honor of Frances “Fran” Gustafson, the wife of our company’s founder. Our early success would not have been possible without her tireless dedication to her husband, her family, and the business. It is with her classy and hardworking personality in mind that we created the Francessa Brand, with which we are confident you will find equal success.

Francessa - Classico, Rustica, Audace, & Noire